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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sovereign of the Dragon-NEW

The next installment is out!!!

click here for this month's installment for Sovereign of the Dragon

it's a little long this month...March is a long month, though.

I hope you enjoy it.

So if you're new or something, here's the entire set so far:

Sovereign of the DragonPart 1
Sovereign of the DragonPart 2
Sovereign of the Dragon - Part 3

And then there’s Beauclerc Islandmy new FREE story at Coffee Time Romance- but you have to sign up for it. It’s a “group friends” only

Be sure to come back here and leave a note about what you thought (with details) in order to be part of the drawing.

until later!
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  1. Thanks for the 3 edition. I loved the first two and was kind of left hanging there.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot ocm

  2. Sorry about that. I'll be putting a new chapter up every month--right around the time my newsletter comes out. Sorry it's been so long.

    Beauclerc Island will be pretty much weekly, at least 2x/month

  3. Oh, Pam, I did add on to the 2nd part--Sovereign of the DragonPart 2

  4. JJ, I loved the intro to Nadya and Tikan--what an intriguing world you've created and populated! I'm so curious to learn more about Nadya, and her uncle, and this Tikan, who truly seems pretty dreamy!

    How many installments do you foresee for Sovereign of the Dragon?

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  5. I enjoyed the first couple parts, especially the letters.