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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hey All, How about a little tale...

After lots of thought and discussion, I've decided to post my free read, Beauclerc Island, on my blog. I have exactly the same blog at WordPress--because it works better for some people. The contest I had going will continue into this month, to give more people a chance to enter. I'll be posting this story first at my CoffeeTimeRomance Group, so if you want more sooner, that's the place to go. Also, I'll be presenting story ideas and goodies there that you won't find anywhere else. 

So with no further adieu, here it is:

Beauclerc Island

by J.J. Massa


Kieran Kray sat up in bed, squinting at the clock on the nightstand. It was three minutes past one--in the morning. When she didn't speak again, he urged, "Kaia, what's wrong?"
"Come and get me, will you?" Something loud sounded in the background and she added in a breaking voice, "Now, please."
"At your place?"
He took her choked mumble as an affirmative and moved to dress. She'd already ended the call on her end. Something was going on and he was more than a little afraid to find out what it was.
Their friendship and working relationship were common knowledge. As the agent for the band, Glass Hearts, as well as backup singer, backup keyboardist and sometime drummer, Kieran was a familiar face to many.
Even better known was Kaia Beauclerc-Kent, the lead singer of their little musical troupe. Aside from her smashing success as a singer, songwriter, and pianist, she was the daughter of not one, but two of Britain's foremost families. Her fame had only grown when she became affianced to Richard Kensington, another rich and well-connected son of Britain's old guard.
Stuart Kent's public  denunciation of his daughter's choice of mate in a way far more deleterious than his condemnation of her career choice had only brought further negative attention to her.
Kieran suspected that the old man had something to do with her upset just now, and as her older brother--half-brother, really, it was his duty and pleasure to go and comfort her. Unlike Kaia, he'd grown up in the Whitechapel district of London, so he knew just what kind of a rat-bastard their father was. She knew, too, of course, but he knew better.
Stuart Kent had never lifted one finger to help his son when he found out he'd impregnated Kieran's mother. From what little Kieran could learn about the liaison, the old man hadn't been kind about any of it--the dalliance or its aftermath. Kent had been most unhappy several years later, when he learned that his wife not only knew about his bastard child, but was paying support and had brought Kaia to meet her sibling.
Exiting off of Holland Road, he noticed a police lorry turning just as he was. The car followed him the short distance to Kaia's home where there was quite a collection of law enforcement officers in attendance already, along with a cadre of press. Thankfully, they were being restrained somewhat by some of the police present.
"Sir, you can't…" a man in a suit began, only to be cut off by a shout nearby.
Instantly, Kieran turned, holding his arms out for her. She bolted into his embrace, shaking like a leaf. "What is it, duchess? Wha's 'appened here?" He was already tensing up, but when she leaned back and looked up at him, the dark mottling around her eye and cheekbone drove him that much closer to the edge. "Sweet bollocky fuck," he whispered. His body was going hot, then cold, then hot again.
He hadn't been this angry when he'd found out the circumstances of his conception, though he had been angry. He'd been nearly this angry when he'd learned how Stuart Kent had treated Kaia's mother…but this was his little duchess.
"Mr. Kray, please calm down." While Kieran hadn't spoken very loud, the plainclothes officer was looking at him as if he were a bomb set to go off.
Opening his mouth to say more, the detective was shoved aside by an irate and  shouting man. Kieran immediately whirled, shoving Kaia behind him and whipping out a knife.
"Put that away, Mr. Kray, before I officially see it, understand?" a deep voice ordered as a new, much larger detective stepped forward and snatched their would-be attacker, Richard Kensington, Kaia's fiancé, in mid-leap.
"You! Why are you here? I'll bet she called you, didn't she? Trollop!" he spat at Kaia, still shouting as he was being hauled away.
"I can just imagine how that will play out in the rags," Kieran groaned as he quickly slipped his knife into its holster and tucked it away again. Kaia shivered in echo of his words; doubtless, the press was already firing off reports as they stood at bay across the street.
"My suggestion to you, Mr. Kray, is to get your..." he looked at Kieran and then at Kaia, studying them intensely. The likeness between them was there for all to see, if only they truly looked, as this man did. A second man exited the house, this one also well known and remarkably favoring both Kaia and Kier. After a n intent study of the them, he suggested, "Get her out of here, sir. Take the time tonight while you're going from the police to the hospital to wherever, to make arrangements. It will be up to the crown to decide what to do with the offender." He sneered the word offender as if it was a filthy thing indeed. All three turned  as another person was removed from the house, shouting at officers and otherwise making a spectacle of herself.
"That's why he went so mad," Kaia croaked. "He was shagging her," she choked out, "in my bed. With…you know who. They didn't like being caught."
"They won't like being interviewed before the courts, either, my lady." He turned back to Kieran. "Do you have someplace private that you can go?"
"I 'ave," Kieran assured the man, wrapping an arm around Kaia who leaned her head on his shoulder.
Years before on his own mother's deathbed, she had given him a sheaf of papers. "Her Grace gave me those before she died, so's I could keep you and little Kaia safe if his nibs went off his nut on any of us. There's 'ouses belongs to 'er on a place called Beauclerc Island."


More coming soon. When the time comes for intimate scenes, I'll post those on my Coffee Time Romance Group. Also, I'll be posting sneak peeks at future works there. So be sure and join when you get a minute. 

I'll post more info about the contest in a few days.
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Memo

Just in case you didn't get it--the memo *g*-- I'm posting at the Torquere Blog today.

It's been a busy month for me. I've had 2 releases!

The first one was :

Family Matters

The Montgomery Family Chronicles - Book Four

by J.J. Massa

How many Weres could manage to find their mate and lose her all at the same time? Yancey Montgomery's mate has been right under his nose for at least a decade. When he makes her his, he also chases her off. What will it take to convince the delicate little werewolf that he is a worthy mate?
Never had Sue been so glad to be back in America, and now she was moving into Old Moon, the town where her best friend lived. What could be better than that--there was no drama at Tracey's place…or so she thought.

The second book is:

Hauling Ashes

Starting at: $2.49

by J.J. Massa

It's been too long since Langley has had his ashes hauled - -so long that even his snarky old supervisor looks good to him.

Garret keeps a tight rein on his passions… his burning desires. For two years, the fire for his assistant has smoldered. After two years of Langley Johnson stumbling into work looking debauched and delectable, that fire is blazing out of control.

What will it take to bank the fire? Or is it too late for anything but ashes?


Anyhow, stop by and check them out--and say howdy while you're at it :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm getting ready to post my Monthly Myth or Monster article on Novelspot--by that I mean sometime in the next hour or so. I hope you'll pop over. And don't forget to stop by tomorrow. I'll be posting about the latest Montgomery Chronicles release and a little about the next one coming REALLY soon.

Oh, and if I didn't mention it - Hauling Ashes came out today! It's not long. You can find it by clicking the title. :~)
Family Matters
 Tomorrow, The Montgomery Family Chronicles - Book Four comes out at Melange-Books! Don't forget to stop by :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hey All!

IHey there! It's the second Tuesday of the month and I'm chatting on The Romance Studio Chats

come and join me! I'll be giving away a book or 2 :)

J.J. Massa

We'll talk about my new releases next week ;-)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Many, Many Books to read!

Thank you so much to all of you who have taken advantage of Smashwords' Read An EBook campaign.

I love Ebooks!

Just so you know, my book, Belonging to MacGregor, isn't the only book on offer. Click right HERE to explore all of the books that are free or discounted from now until March 10th. 

I hope you enjoy what you find and take a look at all the different books by the authors you like. Most of my Smashwords books are listed with my publishers--I've only recently started putting the odd book out on my own. And if you like what you read, feel free to post a review *grin*  

 If you don't like what you read, you could still review the book, or you could write to the author and let them know what you didn't like and why. That helps us all, you know?

Anyhow, I'll be back soon. Enjoy the books!

Monday, March 05, 2012

It's READ AN Ebook WEEK  at Smashwords!

So, for this week only, you can get the book Belonging to MacGregor for free!

Go to the link I just posted and u
se the code RE100 at checkout to get the book for FREE until March 10th. 

Dead, or something like it, for over two hundred years, Eian MacGregor had given up. He couldn't get away from his bloody past nor did he have any hope of attaining the future he'd been promised. As a ghost, all he could do was float around between his island's barren cliffs and the castle he'd once held strong. Generations of his clan came and went and he took no notice anymore...until one woman noticed him.

Fat. Fat, ugly, frigid, and in love with a ghost. That's how Elsabetta Finlay was described by the man she had been betrothed to as a young girl. She'd defiantly married a good friend to avoid that contract, only to be ensnared in it again when her friend died. If only Eian MacGregor was real and alive--if only he loved her and wanted her, Elsabetta's dreams would come true. But dreams were for children and she was all grown up now. Eian MacGregor was nothing more than a handsome dream alive on canvas and in her imagination. She, on the other hand, had real problems to deal with. 

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sovereign of the Dragon-NEW

The next installment is out!!!

click here for this month's installment for Sovereign of the Dragon

it's a little long this month...March is a long month, though.

I hope you enjoy it.

So if you're new or something, here's the entire set so far:

Sovereign of the DragonPart 1
Sovereign of the DragonPart 2
Sovereign of the Dragon - Part 3

And then there’s Beauclerc Islandmy new FREE story at Coffee Time Romance- but you have to sign up for it. It’s a “group friends” only

Be sure to come back here and leave a note about what you thought (with details) in order to be part of the drawing.

until later!
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Friday, March 02, 2012

Free Reads!

Happy Friday!

My newsletter came out today, so if you’re looking for a place to post about the contest, you’re at the right place.

Someone will win these earrings (or the jasper pair I’ll show you later)

along with an e-book from my collection

Here’s the deal:

Visit my FREE Reads on Coffee Time Romance:

Sovereign of the Dragon - Part 1
Sovereign of the Dragon - Part 2

And then there’s Beauclerc Island: my new FREE story at Coffee Time Romance- but you have to sign up for it. It’s a “group friends” only

When you’re done, come back to my blog or my other blog and leave a meaningful comment about either story-If you do, you’ll be in the running to win one of two pairs of earrings and a copy of one of my new releases in electronic format (I copied this from the newsletter : -) )

J.J. Massa