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Monday, March 05, 2012

It's READ AN Ebook WEEK  at Smashwords!

So, for this week only, you can get the book Belonging to MacGregor for free!

Go to the link I just posted and u
se the code RE100 at checkout to get the book for FREE until March 10th. 

Dead, or something like it, for over two hundred years, Eian MacGregor had given up. He couldn't get away from his bloody past nor did he have any hope of attaining the future he'd been promised. As a ghost, all he could do was float around between his island's barren cliffs and the castle he'd once held strong. Generations of his clan came and went and he took no notice anymore...until one woman noticed him.

Fat. Fat, ugly, frigid, and in love with a ghost. That's how Elsabetta Finlay was described by the man she had been betrothed to as a young girl. She'd defiantly married a good friend to avoid that contract, only to be ensnared in it again when her friend died. If only Eian MacGregor was real and alive--if only he loved her and wanted her, Elsabetta's dreams would come true. But dreams were for children and she was all grown up now. Eian MacGregor was nothing more than a handsome dream alive on canvas and in her imagination. She, on the other hand, had real problems to deal with. 

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