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Thursday, November 01, 2012

J.J. Massa is safe!

J.J. Asked me to post she is okay. Has a black eye but fine. Still no power, but she called to tell me she was okay


Saturday, October 27, 2012

How Haunted Was It?

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Did anyone else get sent off to those church events where the young adults made a haunted house? I can’t tell you how often I ended up in these far away churches because everyone around went to Haunted Housea different church and we should all go to each other’s events—like Haunted Houses…is it me? I can’t be the only one thinking that, while fun is fun, how seriously involved should a church group be in scaring the heck out of small children? Or medium sized children, even…


When I was ten or so, I found myself once again standing outside of a church where the only familiar face had designs on my mental health. Most of those things are borderline lame, I suppose. Even in the seventies, when I was ten. Still, it’s because of that one haunted house that I can’t even stand the smell of SpaghettiOs ®—forget about trying to actually eat them.



And that’s without even mentioning the kind with meatballs or franks. * shudder *


The question today is—do you have any Haunted House memories that still make you shudder? (I capitalize Haunted House because it just feels right. LOL)


And the bonus contest—like I said, every comment puts you in the running, but tonight, I’m sending you on a field trip—not a haunted house, though.



Everyone who goes to  and leaves a little comment will be in the running for an ebook, or one of two $3.00 Amazon Kindle E-Gift Cards—not to mention being part of the contest on that site as well.


I like to share the love, and through a mistake of technology and communication, Faith Luna didn’t end up on the Blog Hop board. But why should you suffer? You shouldn’t. So, here you are.


I’ll check over there and each commenter goes in a hat, you get an extra entry in my contests and in Faith’s.


and thanks once again to for the creepy pictures. * grin * where would we be without them?


J.J. Massa

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