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Monday, October 22, 2012

Need an honest opinion? Nina Davies!



Hey, I ask her all the time. And I use AutoCrit. It’s a wonderful piece of computer ware that she invented all on her own.  After my last bout with MS, I lost confidence in my work. With AutoCrit, I feel a lot better about what I write. logo


So, with no further adieu, heere’s NINA!


Get Out Of Your Box And Enjoy The View

It’s Fall, which is a time of reflection for me. And now that my kids are in school, I actually have TIME to reflect – a definite bonus!

One of the lessons that is resonating with me this year is the idea of getting out of the box that we create for ourselves. I see myself as left-brain, analytical, a geek, etc. So when I approach a task whether it be writing or something completely different, I approach it analytically. I plan, I organize, I write notes. I don’t brainstorm with friends, create a collage, or ‘let things happen’.

But, you know, some of the best things in my life have occurred when I have jumped out of this self-imposed box.

My worst subject in school was English. So it took a big leap for me to sit down in 2004 and start writing a novel. Doubts assailed me and months passed before I could admit to my CLOSEST friends what I was doing.

And guess what, that leap led me to create AutoCrit which combines the best of what I love, writing and computers! I never would have created AutoCrit if I hadn’t taken that scary leap.

On a smaller scale, I love plotting out a book to the last detail before I start writing. It’s that left-brain thing again. It’s who I am, right?

Not necessarily. One day I took a leap and forced myself to be a ‘pantser’ for at least three chapters. I wrote without planning a thing. (Only someone as left-brained as I am will understand why this is such a big deal). Doing this was tough!! I kept wanting to revert to my usual way of doing things.

After a tough few days, the results amazed me. The amount of emotion that poured onto the page was really, really surprising. And it’s just what my writing needed. Now I make sure to schedule unplanned writing, no matter I how well I feel the book is going. (Yes, yes, I know. Most people don’t need to schedule to be spontaneous.)

There are many more cases where my life has been enriched because I decided to ignore my internal definition of who I am. And I’m not alone. I love this story of a teen who let himself be a writer even when others told him he couldn't.

So let’s talk about you now. What is your internal definition of yourself? Does it always have to be true?

What can you do today to investigate the view outside your box? The results might surprise you…

BIO: Nina Davies is the creator of the  AutoCrit Editing Wizard, an online editor for fiction writers.



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