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Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Rhonda!


It's been a hectic week, but I spent a few minutes with Rhonda Lee Carver. She's pretty cool. I think you'll like her. 

So now, here's your chance to spend some time with her--We have a few things in common--besides the steamy writing thing we do. *g*

MEET RHONDA LEE CARVER, Ladies and Gentlemen!!

Fall is coming. Hip, hip hooray!!! I am a huge fan of autumn, for many reasons.

I’m from Ohio, you know, O-H-I-O? It’s football season. If there’s one thing you know about my home state, it has to be that Ohioans love their football. I’m not talking about hanging around the TV and rooting on the team. I’m talking a severe case of nothing-else-matters-but-the-buckeyes. Look into any closet in the state and I bet you’ll find scarlet and gray. I’m serious. We are a state that takes pride in the sport. Tailgating should be our state nickname. If you’ve never been to a live game, you must try it at least once. The camaraderie is amazing.

Now that we’ve talked football, let’s talk confections. First thing that comes to mind is: kitchen + pumpkin = love. I love everything about pumpkin. Taste, smell, color, carving…I can’t get enough. I have already started my fall collection of pumpkin recipes. I have full intentions of making every single one, and adding a few of my own. 

The changing of the season brings such beauty to this area. Luckily, I live on a large plot of land and am surrounded by trees. The bright green leaves have started turning shades of red and orange. Soon, yellow will make its appearance. That’s when we know for certain summer has passed and fall has blessed us with its arrival. There can be nothing more pleasing to the eye than the beautiful earth as it paints us a real portrait.

Fall has a scent. I call it “brisk.” Fresh, crisp and earthy. It’s like no other smell of nature. The soft breeze carries it on its wings. If we pay close attention we can see how brisk entwines with other marvels of the season. Apples, fires burning in open pots (this is a wonderful season for bonfires) and in fireplaces, and pumpkin of course.

Halloween brings lots of smiles in my house. My kids love dressing up in their fave costumes. How fun is it that we can gather together, dress up in something we love and head out to collect candy? Candy alone is yummy, but throw in a costume and that’s simply divinity. Adults should join in. Dress up and take a trip down memory lane. I remember every trick-or-treat adventure. The greatest memory of all is visiting the local apple market during their apple harvest. Hay rides, apple cider and slushies, apple pie, picking my own apples, face painting, and the sound of kids’ laughter. 

I will miss summer, sure. Yet, fall is a comfort to me. It brings back precious memories and good times. 


Can a past love become their future?

The Thorntons' mansion is full of timeless secrets waiting to be unraveled. When small-town journalist Ivy and ghost hunter Max are stuck in the forgotten, dilapidated house, they find more than just a haunting. Ivy finds herself dreaming of the former owners, Marcus Thornton and his lovely wife, Elizabeth. Their profound love was once the talk of the town, and the cause their mysterious, untimely deaths never found. When Ivy's dreams begin to become reality, the mystery starts to unravel and sheds truth on more than just the past.

WARNING: Graphic language, naughty ghosts, a non-committal male, and a love that endures beyond time and death.

Rhonda Lee Carver
Everyone deserves romance—one page at a time…



  1. Hey there, Lynn! Thanks for stopping to chat. I can't wait to read this book--after NaNoWriMo, if the planets align correctly.

    I love the Fall, too. I'm not so much into football,but it sounds like you love it enough for both of us. *g*

  2. Ghosts & haunted castles, and a mystery to pull it all together. I think I'd love this book.