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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Running to keep up

Hey everyone,

Just so you know, I'm blogging at Romance for the Rest of Us today. I've included the first chapter of my M/M free read, A Roaming Heart. I've been continuing that on Torquere Press' Happy Hour's Journal every month. If readers want me to continue it on the blog as well, just stop by  Romance for the Rest of Us  and let me know.

I'm moving along and trying to keep up, but sometimes it's slow going. Don't give up on me, I've got new stuff on the way.

The improved and slightly changed Metamorphose comes out Friday, August 10. And check out this cover!

Is that HOT or not?

This book is M/F/M. There are all sorts of paranormal creatures that venture in and out of the books--this one includes a Blood Drinker. 

It's the first book in The International World's Museum Collection:
In a time before "modern man" evolved into homo sapiens, Homo neanderthalensis or Neanderthal man walked the earth. They easily saw through the mystical glamor that hid paths to other worlds and the unearthly visitors who traveled those paths. Inherent skills and abilities allowed them to protect themselves and combat unwelcome guests from other worlds.
Over the centuries, the population of Homo sapiens grew and dominated the earth, outnumbering thier Neanderthal cousins. With no knowledge of the dangers presented by the open doors between worlds, they seemed easy prey to the outworlders. That was not the case, however.
Porta, Californa was just one of the several gateways between worlds and featured just one of the museums that guarded an egress and housed otherworldly artifacts. The International Worlds Museum could be a fun place to visit. Sometimes, though, the exhibits might offer an unexpected surprise or two.

Rand Cooper had no idea how his life had become so complicated. Suddenly, Elwynn Ravensdale, who had been the consummate pain in Rand's arse, became extremely attractive--especially his arse. If that wasn't enough, his teenaged charges were acting cagey and secretive. Worse than all of that, Wynn had an attachment to some woman, a very pretty woman, but a woman nonetheless. And there was a baby involved.
Where were the days when hostile otherworldly visitors were all that he had to worry about?

Here's a little excerpt to get you warmed up:

“Don’t say anything.” Livia slid up on the bed beside his hip taking his hand. “Let Rand do his hocus pocus and then we’ll try to get you out of here. We can iron out the details later. How’s that?”

Don’t mind if I do…

Rand leaned over Wynn, thrilled at the acquiescence in his eyes. Without another word, he laced his fingers with Wynn’s, carefully avoiding the IV lines. Leaning down, he touched foreheads, cupping the back of Wynn’s head with his free hand.

Dimly aware of Livia sitting on the opposite side of the bed and holding Wynn's other hand, Rand tilted his chin forward covering the other man’s mouth with his own. A nip at his lower lip and Wynn opened, giving Rand full access to taste and explore. A hazy current seemed to blanket the three, drawing heat, urgency, electricity to the surface.

At first, Livia acted nervous, unsure. As the crackling energy wound around them, Rand began to feel the three-way connection build. Livia’s small hand found its way to Rand’s shoulder, rubbing him gently as she held onto Wynn.

His focus narrowed to one pinpoint. Wynn was kissing him back hungrily, need in every panting breath. Rand’s hand slid down the thin hospital gown covering Wynn’s chest, meeting Livia as together they pushed the sheet to his knees. Though her movements were slightly unsure, the young woman was committed, actively a part of their shaky triad.

Pulling the flimsy gown up out of the way, Rand stroked along one toned thigh and over Wynn’s flat abdomen. At twenty-eight, Wynn was firm and muscled, a banquet for the eyes. Since living in Los Angeles, Wynn had gained a light tan. Coupled with jet black hair and eyes the color of a vibrant lapis, Wynn was a beautiful man. Rand had always thought that, even during the time when Wynn’s hair was short, slicked back, his dress code was prim, and they had argued the better part of every day.

Still holding Wynn’s left hand, Rand slid his free hand around and pulled the tie on the annoying gown, tugging the thing away without looking up. He kissed and nibbled his way down Wynn’s neck to his clavicle, nipping and biting as he went. Wynn tugged their hands up and his long fingers found the button at Rand’s waist and yanked, taking some of the pressure off of his own rigid erection.

A choked gasp against his mouth told him that Livia had found Wynn’s hardened cock. She reached out and grabbed Rand’s left hand, pulling it down until both their hands wrapped around the throbbing flesh. Heat and energy surged around and through them as Wynn arched under their grip. 

The next in this series is Epoch. It's mostly finished, but I've got some serious tweaking to do. I hope to have it in New Concepts' hands in the next couple of months. I'll wait to share excerpts.

Aside from that, the next Monthly Monster or Myth column is up at Novelspot: The Vampire--Myth or Misunderstood?


  1. Hi! Congrats!! So very awesome! Im definitely not giving up! Ill be standing on the sidelines and (im)patiently waiting. lol Congrats again! You have a fantastic weekend! Be sure to celebrate and have fun!

  2. I'll be here and writing the weekend away! Thanks, Shadow!