Books, Blog, Buddies

Books, Blog, Buddies
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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fourth of July Blog Hop Winners!

Hey All!

I was sad that not too many people had pet pix for me, but that's okay. I know that the holiday is over, and technically, so is the Blog Hop.  Now all that's left is to announce the winners.

So, why don't I do that? No reason at all--Here you go:

The winner of 3 books from any of my series: Wulf

The winner of a necklace (or if she'd rather claim a book or 2) ceagles

And the surprise winner: Patricia--choose any one of my published books

just email me and let me know which books you'd like and in which electronic format.

And because I promised it the other day, here's a picture of Roland, my male cat, and Bear, my sister's dog, hanging out together.

There are many who believe that Roland belongs in a cage.

Not Bear of course--she believes in free will and letting it all hang out.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats wulf, ceagle and patricia!
    And I love the kitten with glasses photo...guess kitty's been doing a lot of reading, too!