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Sunday, May 27, 2012

All my books...I think ; -)

Books by J.J. Massa

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Three M/M Short Stories: Volume One

You never know when you'll find Mister Right--or even Mister Right Now. Sometimes you need one thing, sometimes another.
Chasing Jonas
Is life just beginning for Jonas, or is it all mapped out? He doesn't know it yet, but somebody has plans for Jonas. Plans he just might like…
After Class
Just because a college career is nearly at its end, there's no reason to stop learning. But first, you have to find just the right professor.
Office Politics
 Mark has had a thing for his boss since the first day. Unfortunately, Jack Weaver is a man's man  in a politically correct climate. Too bad Mark doesn't understand politics.

Belonging to MacGregor

Eian MacGregor existed in a never-ending limbo, caught in an envelope in time. Eternity stretched ahead of him, a hopeless and lonely place. Or was it? Shaken from his lethargy by two intricately drawn pictures of himself, Eian was equally moved by the young woman who’d painted them. He looked at her and saw breathtaking beauty. What did she see when she looked at him? 

A Hunted Heart
For the last decade, Von Branigan has lived his solitary life estranged from the only woman he had ever loved. He’d been wronged and for ten long years he isolated himself from the world, keeping his hurt and loneliness wrapped around him like a cloak.
Though inconsolably immersed in feelings of bitterness and still wounded by betrayal, when the police call to tell him that his wife was attacked by a madman, Von’s entire world shifted on its axis.
Like all great authors, FBI profiler Tatiana Branigan has drawn from personal experience in the creation of her best-selling thriller series. But few realize just how up-close-and-personal those experiences are. Ten years ago her fairy-tale marriage ended, wrecked by a man who has obsessively hunted her and a memory that's haunted her.
Tatiana has struggled through ten years of hell. Refusing to give in to the devastation visited on her by her husband’s desertion and the attentions of a madman, she’s worked nonstop to pull her life together.
Tati is tired now. She’s done. If not for Von, she would have thrown in the towel and let the bad guy win. He was her best friend once. Have the years without her taught him bitterness or has he finally grown into the man she thought she’d married? Is there a safe haven out there for her hunted, wounded heart?

Available at Melange Books (

Counting Midnight
Vasile Velicescu is finally finding peace after the death of his long time lover. But when he interviews a young woman who looks exactly like his lost love, he is angry, yet elated to have found her once again.
Nina Caruthers knew she shouldn't have taken the job at Velicescu Finance. At first her smooth and sexy boss makes her feel things, familiar things that she can't understand. What is this hold he has on her?

Slow Burn: An Erotic Collection
Old Friends: Evie and Gibb have known each other for more than a decade. It's about time for these two longtime friends to negotiate a new relationship—hopefully, it won't be at the cost of the rest of their old friends.
Teacher, Teacher: Krayton Vance and Vivian Talon had several things in common. They both worked for the public education system, they both decided to spend their Spring Break in Spain, and they're both looking for a fling. The question is, what happens to them when the break is over?
Dinner for One: What could be lonelier than dinner by oneself? Many things, as it turns out. Join Maura for a memorable evening of dinner, drinks, and meeting new people. It's a meal she will always remember.
Anything: Intoxicated by a beautiful voice and a meaningful song, centuries old vampire Amedeo Di Calibria searches to find the singer. He finds beautiful but emotionally frozen Alexa. Can he melt the ice around her heart?


Dark Blood: Two in One
Love Like Blood: Writer Julianna Gold is a strong woman, but is faced with challenges. Disease, blindness, a bad marriage, and a verbally abusive husband, it's a lot for one woman to take.
Vampire Raiden Vagner heard the cry of his soul mate at a time when she was in pain and in need. She is the breath in his body, the blood in his veins. How long must his dark soul crave her light?
Rubies, Sapphires, and Ivory: After centuries of living, life began to lose value for vampire Niccolo Ascosi. When Ivory Allison walked into his life, colors regained their sparkle, gold began to glow again for him. How did that happen? Would it have to end?
For Ivory, every day was work, commitment, bills to pay – impossible dreams of love were not for the likes of her. Who could love the overweight, financially strapped, too smart daughter of poor working people?

The Montgomery Family Chronicles:

Book One: Acting Like Family
Riker Montgomery, a famous actor and werewolf, finds yet another uninvited woman asleep in his hotel bed. He is prepared to send this one on her way, but soon realizes that she is his mate.
Bethany Black, a writer, has never met a man like Riker before. When she learns who he is, she is embarrassed and ashamed and runs away, unaware Riker is searching for her.
Troubles and dangerous foes are out to destroy the Montgomery pack and try to keep the two apart. Will they be reunited before it is too late for them all?

Book Two: Family Harmony
Lakon Montgomery tried to avoid Mya Brooks, the beautiful Englishwoman who had the voice of an angel, but he can't resist her. She was destined to be his mate and he is powerless to stop himself. Just when he's getting closer to Mya, his brother and his own primal instincts scare her away. What will Lakon have to do to get her back? Will her family, and his, keep them apart forever? With Mya out of reach, how will Lakon protect Mya from the evil that stalks her?

Book Three: Family Portrait
Tavist Darke lost his mate and pup years ago and never expected to have a family. He no longer looked for happiness in life. He didn't expect to find another mate. The love of his adopted pack was more than he ever expected. When he met beautiful Tracey West and her enchanting children he knew his secret prayers had been answered.
Tracey West had a family and she would keep them safe at all costs. She didn't want another mate. She'd been married for almost a decade and had three beautiful and special children as a result. Living in and getting out of that marriage had been a nightmare. All she wanted now was peace and safety for herself and her kids. Why couldn't her sexy neighbor understand that?

Montgomery Family Chronicles, Book Four: Family Matters
How many Were’s could manage to find their mate and lose her all at the same time? Yancey Montgomery’s mate has been right under his nose for at least a decade. When he makes her his, he also chases her off. What will it take to convince the delicate little werewolf that he is a worthy mate?
Never had Sue been so glad to be back in America, and now she was moving into Old Moon, the town where her best friend lived. What could be better than that--there was no drama at Tracey's place…or so she thought.

Daddy's Girl 
A girl can’t choose who her parents are, but Tabitha Baker isn’t complaining. Her mother died when she was young, leaving her with a psychic gift and precious memories. Her father loves her, though. He’s a good man -- the entire country agrees. They just don’t know their president is her father. Her lineage is a state secret. Everyone has secrets, but sometimes it’s a real problem.
Garth Cavanaugh is a Secret Service agent assigned to the President of the United States. He doesn’t tell most people that, only his family. His twelve brothers and sisters all work in various fields of law enforcement. He’d like to introduce them to the woman he’s dating, but she seems to be hiding something, maybe even someone. Whatever it is, it’s big. He wants his family to meet the woman he loves—not watch him nurse a broken heart. That he can do by himself…

Melange (anthology)
...a rich variety of love and life.
"Stir Fried Love" by Nancy Pirri:
Hayley Sook Park is instantly attracted to Mark Arcand. Can two people from very different worlds find love together and acceptance from their families?
"Nailed" by J.J. Massa:
Terry Lee Derby is a builder, a simple man with simple plans, until one small, hard working woman, Sida Zhou, nailed him down, permanently.
"Tasty Temptations" by Mae Powers:
Earthwoman Thela meets two special men, Jarik and Adaren. Both find her earthly beauty appealing to their alien male passions. All discover surprising, out-of-this-world temptations.
"Callin' The Shots" by Karen Rose:
Vin desires Lanier; but will this hardcore baller follow his heart and call the shots that will bring him love?
Available at New Concepts Publishing  (

Sweet Treats
Lawyers Erika Arnold and Mark Lincoln have had a rough time of it. Best friends for years, they've always been there for one another and both Erika and Mark deserve a treat for everything they've gone through-something sweet--something nice...
Scottish lawyer Jack Mac Addison could be sweet. Sweet to look at, anyway. And for Mark, Joshua Kincaid would do nicely.

The Legacy Renaud and Lorelei had inherited from their father was a death sentence if the men who’d captured and imprisoned their father ever caught up with them, but there was little they could do beyond depend on one another.
Sheriff War Martine is a complication that Lorelei could do without.

Pet Peeve
For five years Renaud Brunet has worked for his uncle as a deputy in Xavier Parish, far away from the ballet world of New York, London, Moscow, Australia—all of it.
He’s also avoided feminine entanglements, in spite of a very lusty female werewolf on his tail. His sister's shy and retiring protege had never entered into the equation.

The Weather Series:

Book 1: Electric Rayne
Rayne Deveau—Electric Rayne—is back in town and Sheriff Remy Doucette wants answers. Who’s the threat to her and grandmere? Who’s trying to kill them? And is it true that the old woman’s a witch because he’s having a hell of a time keeping his mind on his business and off of Rayne.

Book 2: Ashes in the Wind
Like a fiery wind, Ashlynn Doucette made Gabe burn. It was only fair that she smolder with him.

Book 3: Angel's Forecast
Deke Doucette had been alone a long time. Already in his mid forties, he helped raised his brother's children and formed a paternal bond with his niece. He was happy, satisfied with his life just as it was. And then he met an Angel.

Available at Torquere Press (

Civil Liberties
When cop Christian Parker meets D.A. Denny at a bar and takes him home, they have one steamy night of passion. That might be the end of it, but a deposition brings Christian back into Denny's life. Denny tries to deny his feelings for Christian, preferring to be a player, but when a family tragedy brings Christian down, Denny is there to comfort him.
Everything that can go wrong for these two does go astray, and Christian is ready to give up. When another tragedy threatens to tear them apart forever, though, it might just be Denny who has to convince Christian that he's ready to settle down. Can they struggle through everything life throws at them and find a way to stay together?

Hauling Ashes

It's been too long since Langley has had his ashes hauled - -so long that even his snarky old supervisor looks good to him.

Garret keeps a tight rein on his passions… his burning desires. For two years, the fire for his assistant has smoldered. After two years of Langley Johnson stumbling into work looking debauched and delectable, that fire is blazing out of control.

What will it take to bank the fire? Or is it too late for anything but ashes?

Learning Curve
Cable-repairman Kean is taking night classes, and he finds himself daydreaming about his hot professor, Richard. He's never really made it with a guy before, but for Richard he might make an exception. When Richard makes a pass, Kean decides that he can't resist, and he gives in to temptation. Will the bright light of day show him that he's made a terrible mistake?

Sims has a real thing for his fellow cop, Lucky. Young, hot, and just innocent enough to appeal to Sims' alpha side, Lucky is the perfect candidate to become Sims' new lover. Now all he has to do is convince the kid to take him on. Can Sims show Lucky that living up to his name is easier than he thinks?

The Wedding Party
Benjamin meets Grier at his boss' wedding. Grier is all sorts of amazing: Australian, hot, his boss' old college roommate. Grier is footing the bill for his old friend's beach getaway wedding, and he's not expecting to find Benjamin, but once he does, he takes full advantage of the situation. Will Grier just have a fling and leave Benjamin with nothing?

Signet and Silk

When high powered lawyer and sexual top Pierce Anders catches intern Landon giving him the eye, he decides to give the kid just what he's been begging for. All those furtive looks have gotten Landon pretty hot, too, and when Pierce traps him in the copy room, he's not sure what might happen. Can both Pierce and Landon get what they need?

Rocks and Hard Places
Micah and her enigmatic brother, Granite, are both manufactured people, grown in a lab, and a lot of people think that means they're not real, that they can't think or feel. Micah knows better, and she knows that her brother had feelings that run deep, which is why she's willing to help her fellow Science Officer and shipmate, Willy, who thinks her brother is the hottest thing around.
Granite has no problem sharing his physical love with Willy, but he isn't sure about emotions. Micah has the opposite problem with the man she's learning the art of love from; Commander West has all of the old prejudices against manufactured people, and Micah isn't sure how to fight them. Can she and brother Granite both learn how to express their love the right way, before the dangers of intergalactic war overwhelms them?

The Agency
Held together and directed by the strength of one person, known only as The Old Man, The Agency acts as the world’s anti-terrorist organization. Regardless of race, creed, or sociopolitical backgrounds, talented young people are gathered, trained, and their skills put to good use, making the world a safer place. Every agent has a tale to tell, every Agency employee comes with a story.
This double novella features Tyrone and Marek. Tyrone is a cook, Marek a crack agent also known as "the Shadow", whose love may surprise everyone. The second story pairs Agency operative Lancelot and biochemist Vanya, who team up to stop a major terrorist operation. See what stories The Old Man finds most entertaining. Join The Agency today!

Going to the Chapel (an anthology)
Who doesn't love a wedding? The three stories in Going to the Chapel prove that everyone has a special day. In Don't Ask by J.J. Massa, Captain Zachary Smith has always wanted to find out what boils behind Agent Falk Thayer's calm exterior. Falk, on the other hand, isn't looking for anything long-term. Never has. Never will. When things get hot and heavy between them, Captain Smith has to decide if he's willing to take less than what he needs or sacrifice everything.
In Building a Life by Alexa Snow, when Levi goes to his best friend Cooper's engagement party, he doesn't expect to meet someone fascinating -- and he definitely doesn't expect that someone to be Cooper's five-year-old niece Ashley. It comes as an even bigger surprise to find that Ashley's father Philip is both fascinating and hot. But Philip is married, even if his wife is mysteriously out of the picture, so this ready-made family can't possibly have room in it for Levi... or can it?
Finally, in Apples and Gin by Jenna Jones, country singer Sawyer Shaw loves photographer Noah Kingston and is tired of hiding it. He's kept his sexuality hidden for the sake of his career and his family, but over the past ten years Sawyer has come to realize what matters most to him is Noah and his happiness, and Sawyer is ready not only to make it public but also to make it permanent.

Also at Torquere Press under the pseudonym of Illian Obsidian

(space and cat references)
Cat Toy
A young man and his shuttle have crash-landed on a wild planet, light-years from home. He’s suffered a head injury and can’t remember his own name. What else could go wrong? Heck, maybe he could be attacked and captured by men who look a lot like cats.
Or maybe he could realize that he is living in a Master/slave society and is now a servant to a planetary leader named Tryl. Depending on how he looks at it, his situation might not be so bad, even if he can't figure out who he is or what he's going to do next. Can the young man Tryl calls Yai figure out who he is and what he wants before danger catches up with both of them?

Into the Light
When heir to the throne Rengal returns home from his travels, his betrothed, Celine, comes with him, ready to announce their marriage. Rengal has no illusions about love and romance, but his duties await him, so he asks the most important person in his life, his old friend Pan, to stand up with him.
Pan isn't willing to see the man he loves joined with someone else, though, and he turns Rengal down flat. All of the cajoling in the world doesn't seem to sway him, and Rengal is at a loss about how to proceed. Will they manage to come up with a solution to their dilemma?

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